Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have drive through sites?

We understand the importance of staying hooked up when you are stopping overnight. We have big sites at the front of the caravan park that allows you to stay hooked up. If the reversing is a problem, we have assisted parking to take the stress away.

Do you take dogs?

Yes, we are pet friendly on all short term stays. Basic rules apply. We also have a pet a friendly motel room. Contact us for more information.

Can I have a fire?

Yes, if you have your own fire bucket. We also have a communal fire pit area with fire-side dining during the cooler months April to September. The only time we don’t allow a fire is when there is a fire ban in our area.

Do you have en-suite sites?

No, but if you contact us and request a site close to the amenities, we will endeavour to get you directly opposite the amenities block.

Do you have dump points?

Yes, our park was designed with multiple dump points throughout the park.

Do you have trees in your caravan park?

Not around the caravan sites, only on the boundary. We know trees and caravans don’t mix! We have lovely hedges and shrubs.

Are there three rivers in Mundubbera?

Of course! The Burnett River is the lifeblood of the region. It starts in the Monto catchment, the Boyne River flows from Boondooma Dam into the Burnett at Mundubbera and the Auburn River flows through Auburn River National park, also meeting the Burnett at Mundubbera. From here they make their way to Bundaberg, then out to the Coral Sea at Burnett Heads. Our friendly staff have a map that shows where they flow.

Are there any good fishing spots nearby?

Definitely, ask our friendly staff and they will mark up the map. Our catchment dams are restocked annually with yellow belly and bass and they make their way down the river to Mundubbera.  We are proud sponsors of the annual Mundubbera Three Rivers Fishing Competition.

Are you a Big4?

No, we are a Kui Park. The previous owners withdrew from Big4 around 10 years ago.

Do you supply linen to your rooms?

Yes, all beds are made up with linen in our short term rooms, even the longer term rooms for seasonal workers have linen!

Do you find jobs for backpackers?

We are not a working hostel, however, if a farmer contacts us looking for workers we are happy to put signs up around the park. We have a great relationship with the farms as well as the Harvest Office. We care about our seasonal workers greatly and we are here to provide a point of contact and support if you need assistance with any government agency.